Do not Be Too Trusting of Casino Dealers

At first glance, it may seem that casino dealers are your best friend. They facilitate the games, deal your cards, spin the wheel, etc. Then again, you cannot rely on them for your lucky breaks. After all, they remain to be casino employees who are trained to maintain the House advantage as much as possible. That is why casino dealers move accurately at all times. Making a mistake while on board means end of the career for them.

It is also not correct to assume that casino dealers are your best resource for game strategies. Yes, they know very well how the games should go. That does not necessarily mean, however, that they are also highly knowledgeable of the best ways to play them. You see, what they are taught about is how to facilitate the games efficiently, spot the winning possibilities at the table, collect lost bets, and distribute winnings. If ever casino dealers know the best strategies that could lead you a win, they will, for sure, refuse to offer any advice. That is part and parcel of their jobs.

The best behavior towards casino dealers, therefore, is to be neutral. Treat them not as enemies but definitely not as allies as well. Be aware of the fact that it is the casino operator that gives them their salaries. You cannot pay them enough to cheat on their bosses. Casino dealers would always go for longevity and stability. Only the company that has the ability to pay them periodically can be counted on those things.

Being aware that the dealers would have nothing to do with your win does not mean that it is proper to be wicked towards them. As much as they cannot be accountable for your win, they also have nothing to do with your frequent and consistent losses. Do not take out your anger of going bankrupt against the dealer. They have nothing to do with it. They are just doing what is on their job description, after all.

And oh, remember that it is never wrong to be pleasant with anybody, including casino employees - the dealers, the parking personnel, the cashier, etc. - while you are at the gambling hall. Take time out to smile and respond when they greet you as you enter or leave the facility. If you have much to spare because you have won a substantial amount on a lucky gambling day, do not forget to tip them, especially the dealers. It will not make any difference on the outcome of your future games but it will surely do a lot on your people skills.

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